We have grown up learning as well as experiencing the quote “Change is the only constant”. And it is absolutely true! If you stop embracing change or if you stop changing at all, you will eventually falter and lose the game. In order to win this game or at least survive, you must ensure the process of metamorphosis of yourself. You might start off as a caterpillar but it is in your hands to break out of the cocoon and become the butterfly you deserve to be! This is only possible if you allow yourself to change as you grow. No matter how uncomfortable or scary it feels, change is essential and we must not get in the way of it.

Everything Around You Is Evolving

Zoom in and look at how the world is constantly changing and growing.
Zoom in and look at how the world is constantly changing and growing.

Image Credit: Pexels.com

Today you can have your way as a caterpillar but tomorrow as and when evolution catches up, you will be crushed. If you want to save yourself from being crushed, you must learn to fly! And guess who can fly? Butterflies! This is exactly why you must ensure the process of metamorphosis for yourself. Just look around yourself! The technology is evolving every day, every minute. The needs and wants of the customers keep evolving. It is getting more and more difficult to keep track on the changes around us. If we don’t change with it, we will never grow. If we don’t grow at the right pace, we will fail!

New Opportunities

The bright side of change is that it always comes with new opportunities. As an employee of any organization, embracing change will mean an opportunity to learn new skills, an opportunity to exercise creativity, and an opportunity to do some different or something new. Additionally, the personal growth of employees always and certainly leads to the collective growth of the organization. No organization can grow and survive for a long term while ignoring the personal growth of its employees.

Change could also mean a new job for you. The new job could very well be the dream job of your life. The point being, change is the only way to a better and more promising future!

How To Ensure The Change?

All you have to do is break the cocoon.
All you have to do is break the cocoon.

Image Credit: Unsplash.com

To begin with, what we have to do is not get in the way of it. A lot of us resist change because we are scared and feel uncomfortable in going through the whole adaptation process all over again. So first, do not ever resist change. Secondly, start small. If big changes frighten you, start by making some small changes. It is only a matter of time before these small changes will pave way for a big one in your life! And the most important lesson to remember is to not worry about what people think. People have watched you as a caterpillar. They will watch and pity you in that god damn cocoon. And they will watch and admire you when you become a butterfly! But do not pay too much attention to what people think or say. You do you!

So, are you ready to fly? Are you ready to pass the test of change with flying colors? Of course you are! 😉