Can whole of India, a massive sub-continent with billion people, have a single voice? This question kept us awake on many nights and we decided to unravel the mystery, if there is one.

In our quest to discover the voice of India, we immersed ourselves into a melting pot of cultural cacophony across states, faiths, dialects, beliefs and values; yet we have barely managed to scratch the surface and were remotely close to the discovering a single voice.

We tried to distill insights by examining social behaviours, scrutinizing attitudes, observing cultures and following patterns, but it felt like we wanted the cosmos to fall in order by arranging itself in a straight line.

And on one cloudless night, when the dust had settled, and stars shone bright, we realised the beauty of the cosmos is in the scatter and it doesn’t need to be brought to order. The perception of dichotomy and diversity in India being undefinable in a single voice was an enigma arising out of our figment of imagination. The country is just fine.

It’s not chaos, its culture. was born when this moment of truth ignited our minds and inspired us to create something for every Indian, not in a way we imagine, but in a way Indians appreciate. is a voice first initiative that will inspire a nation with stories told in languages that are unique to India.

We are currently creating a repertoire of audio content that provokes thought, kindles joy, immerses in stories from mythology to fables, and informs to live a better life through expert conversations in health, wellness, relationships, and career.

We are working closely with a few brands, businesses and partners who share our vision.

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