When it comes to becoming a professional writer, the farthest we can think of is content, books, and magazines. Every company needs content and that’s where writers come in. Content Writer is the most popular and the first choice amongst all writers when it comes to picking a job opportunity. But not everyone fits into the typical position of a content writer. There are writers who are looking for something else. Something less generic! What are their options?

Content Writer But A Bit More SPECIFIC

Become an expert of one domain in content writing and sell your skills at premium.
Become an expert of one domain in content writing and sell your skills at premium.

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When you will explore the branches of content writing, you will find infinite options for you to choose from. There are so many writers who have made a great career after choosing and becoming an expert in one particular domain of content. There are plenty of options. Technical Writing is one such option with huge demand in the market. Technical Writing isn’t exactly a fun job but if your interests align, it could very well be. Technical writers prepare instruction manuals, FAQs, Beginner Guides, how-to guides, documentation, and other supporting materials related to technology. Say you are interested in electric engineering; you can opt for gadget related technical writing. Say you are interested in Blockchain and other IT based ideas; you can always opt for IT based technical writing.

Similarly, there are many other options like: Proposal Writer wherein you have to prepare documents related to pricing, marketing, and product design; Speechwriter wherein you have to write speeches for leadership positions, Grant Writer wherein you have to draft proposals to secure financial support for foundations, non-profit agencies, and other organizations; and so on.

Journalist – If You Are Interested In Reporting

You can very easily opt for freelance journalism if you are weary of a full time job.
You can very easily opt for freelance journalism if you are weary of a full time job.

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If you are someone who loves research, asking questions, taking interviews, writing opinions etc then you should definitely opt for a career in journalism. Almost every Journalist starts off as a writer. Making a career in journalism is easier today as compared to a few years back, all credits goes to the shining online media agencies.

If you are a good writer and your style of writing is liked by many, you will easily be rewarded with a job at a news outlet or a media agency. Writing articles though is not as easy as it sounds but it is a fun exercise. You will probably never get bored.

Getting a journalism degree will obviously give you an extra edge but more importantly you need to have that knack of asking questions, writing stories/narratives, and making people aware. If Journalism doesn’t suit you and you are still interested in writing blogs and articles, you can always grab a job of an Affiliate Blogger.

Copywriter – Going Beyond Content Writing

Are you one of those creative souls? If yes, a career in writing copy for advertisements is for you. Copywriting is often confused with content writing. While as a content writer, you literally write content. As a copywriter, you write copies for advertisement or in more simple words, you visualize or create ideas for advertisements.

Your job will be extremely competitive and you will have to constantly make concept pitches to impress your clients over an advertisement idea. Full time as well as freelance jobs are available in this field.

Today, with the advent of Social Media, the scope has even widened. Every business seeks to have a social media presence. Popular social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Twitter have changed the way business used to advertise. And this has given rise to another lucrative job opportunity called the Social Media Manager. Because this work is highly creative, writers are the best fit for this job as well.

This is not even the full list. A little bit of more twisting and turning can make way for even more positions like a Content Strategist. A content strategist doesn’t actually write the content for the business but creates plan/strategy/ideas for it. Similarly, if all goes well you can also one day become an Editor of the publication you have been writing for. Then there are always jobs like Translator, Proofreader that get ignored but can be very rewarding.

I hope you find what you are looking for. If you didn’t, feel free to get in touch!