In our previous article, we discussed about Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and its four attributes. As promised, here is a separate article on the fourth attribute of EQ called Relationship Management. This final attribute is so important because it is here that all the four attributes converge.

Relationship management is not merely about “managing” work relationships. It is way more than that. It is about taking intentional steps to inculcate holistic development for people around you. It is about being a good listener. It is about being a great leader. It is about taking decisions that benefit both the parties concerned. It is about interacting and communicating and even enjoying with your colleagues and not merely “dealing” with them.

One simple example of what you must NOT do, if you want to have a high EQ is talk about others behind their backs. Gossips are a big NO fat workspace. It is a toxic practice and you must do away with it in order to promote collaboration and positive work culture.

As a professional, you shouldn’t just have “numerical” targets at your workspace. You should also work towards creating a secure, supportive, and compassionate work environment. Having such a work environment will eventually help your company realize those numerical targets as well. It is all about cause and effect. A healthy work environment will promote creativity and productivity.

You have to revive the lost art of communication.
You have to revive the lost art of communication.

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Practicing Relationship Management is not so difficult. It all begins with a simple conversation. The current workspace lacks the “human touch” of communication and interaction because of technological dominance.

The next step is to set and respect boundaries. Communication will have a positive effect only if we respect each other’s boundaries. Otherwise, it will all prove to be counterproductive. This is something that will help you effective work as a team.

Last but not the least; try to see the GOOD in your colleagues. If you are seeing somebody struggle, go and help them instead of mocking them.

It is all about the basics. Relationship Management is all about the basics.