Given the increasing hype associated with staying connected all the time, it does take away a bit from our personal space. Having worked for nine to ten hours each day for god knows how many months, any sane person would die for a vacation because all work and no play will make Jack a dull boy.

Working on vacations is becoming a growing trend now because we are equipped with the blessing of the Wi-Fi and there is a constant zeal and need within us to prove ourselves at work. While all that competition and the desire to move up the professional ladder is great while you are at work, it is safe to say, that getting lost in the rat race of having to prove yourself will get you more and more entangled in the professional battle. And a time will come when you will be so workaholic that you will be missing out on all those simple things that give you pleasure in life.

However, all things come with a positive and negative side. So, if you are planning on working on your vacation, here are the things you may want to know about:

Cons Of Working On A Vacation:

It is always good to know about the negative sides first before plunging into the positivity. Here are some reasons why you should be off work while you are on vacation:

Utilise the vacation to spend the best quality time with your family
Utilise the vacation to spend the best quality time with your family

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Give time to your family: Sure your work is important, but your family should be your priority too. The vacation that you take maybe once or twice a year is the only actual time that you get to connect with your family, which otherwise does not happen a lot at home. So, it is best to devote that time to your family.

Rediscover yourself: Your vacation could be something which will help you rediscover and rejuvenate yourself. It is a much needed break that you deserve, and if you do not give yourself that time, then sooner than you know, you will be one cranky individual who is liked by none.

It adds to the stress: The constant need to know what is going on at work and how your contribution may have helped only adds to your stress and makes you go through immense anxiety. This will hamper the mood of your vacation and the purpose of the entire trip will not be served.

It takes away your peace of mind: The vacation was solely meant for you and your family to regain the lost sense of peace in your minds. If you think of working even on your vacations, then chances are that both your personal space with your family and your individual mind-set will be disrupted.

Pros Of Working On Vacation

Although it is almost never great to work while you are vacaying, with a little bit of balance between leisure and profession, you can be rest assured that your personal and professional lives are in place. Here are some reasons why you should work a bit while vacaying:

Working during vacations can at times kill the boredom and keep you updated
Working during vacations can at times kill the boredom and keep you updated

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To kill the monotony: Truth be told, long vacations can be tiresome. You will start to get bored pretty soon, and it is always good to be updated about what is going on at work so that your mind gets off the monotony that is starting to crop up at your vacation.

To not lag behind: For the ones who work even on weekends, a vacation is of utmost need. But when they get back to work from that vacation, often it gets difficult for them to catch up. For them to not lag behind, it is useful to work a bit on vacations, so that you are not completely out of practice.

Work is worship: This is very true and being professional all the time is the sign of a true worshipper of work. If you respect your work and not neglect it while you are on vacation, your work will pay you back.

So, with these vital points, you can enjoy your work and vacation equally.