When it comes to a workspace, efficiency and productivity are two important attributes of judging your performance.

In a parallel universe though, wasting time on a particular work day is also considered an art. This one comes right out from that very universe, giving you some great ways of actually wasting a work day. It works at a time when you have had ENOUGH of work at work!

Hang Around At The Cafeteria For A Longer Time

Or the cafeteria can be your new work space :P
Or the cafeteria can be your new work space 😛

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On a typical day when it’s slow going for you, that lunch break can be a wonderful time to cut some slack. If you normally spend thirty minutes having lunch, take more time at that, say a three-quarter or full hour.

Of course, you might see a few raised eyebrows as you take your seat back, but by that time you have wasted quite some time.

Discuss A Little Work. But Chat More With People Around

There's always some room for chit chat in any Office.
There’s always some room for chit chat in any Office.

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When you don’t wish to work too much and yet make it look like that you are working, take up some work related topic and start discussing it with your colleagues. Just a little bit, and then you can switch it to games, news, and other topics that you may like.

You will be surprised how quickly your colleagues will have you waste not only theirs’, but your time as well!

Do That Act – ‘I Am So Not Feeling Well!’

This is a little common one, but it is something that people have not perfected yet. Exaggerate and act, put on a sad face, and just go on rambling about how you are not well at all. Rest assured, if you can pull it off perfectly, you will get a lot of time to answer at people’s concerns, their suggestions, medicines.

Legends also get to have a talk with the HR manager of their company regarding their health!

A healthy bout of time, totally wasted!