Your job maybe offering you a generous pay cheque at the end of the month but that does not have to necessarily mean that you and the other workers are happy working there. You spend a great amount of time at work and if that time is spent in being unhappy about your workplace, then that is a red flag that cannot be overlooked. Of course, money is an important factor but it should never be the only factor to drive you to work each day. After all, money will come and go but the effects of an unhappy workplace will linger.

“A happy work environment is about happy colleagues and employees. HR initiatives have taken off in a big way, with the primary focus on increasing satisfaction levels among the most important resource available to companies- the human resource. Simple things such as just asking for the opinions and suggestions of employees over matters pertaining to the company – makes them feel valued and responsible for the company’s growth.

Celebrating important dates, acknowledging birthdays as part of company protocol are great ways to create a team out of groups of people. We organized an Inter-Department Cricket competition and that infused the atmosphere with an electric competitive spirit that keeps spirits high. We decided to make it an annual affair” says Niharika Nigam, Director, Business Development, Jumpin Heights.

There are plenty of factors which contribute to your happiness at your workplace, and some of them are:

Having A Close Friend At Work

A good friend as a colleague will make you happy and productive at work
A good friend as a colleague will make you happy and productive at work

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Best friends are not easily made. You need to share a wavelength in order to be that close to a person to consider him or her a best friend. If you have a great friend working with you then not only will you be a happier person at work, you will also grow in terms of creativity and productivity and produce better results at work.

“In order to make the maximum time spent in just one place, strong relationships with those around you really can be of real benefit. Having a best friend in the office can be a major boost, it makes work more enjoyable” says Public Relations Expert Shiv Rajvanshi.

Happiness Arouses Creativity

If you are happy then you will be creative, and if you are creative the office time will not seem like slogging. Creativity is the key to success for any business and with creativity you not only get to be happy but also contribute to the growth of the company.

A Positive Work Culture

Shiv believes, “Happy employees are more likely to ask for support if required”
Shiv believes, “Happy employees are more likely to ask for support if required”

You will know you are at the right place when you find you and your team willing to take up risky projects, the prospects of which do not seem too bright at the beginning. Only a positive work culture will encourage smart risk taking, which will be calculated and not a blind risk. Playing it safe will be a symptom of a dull work life.

Your Rapport With Your Colleagues

The kind of relationship you have with your colleagues is of utmost importance if you want to be happy at work. A good and healthy relationship with your co-workers will encourage you to work better and harder, and with a healthy competition, you can excel in whatever work you do.

Saurabh Kumar, Director, Surajgarh Gurgaon says, “More than a decade ago behavioural economists revealed that having more money doesn’t equate to more happiness. It’s actually the reason why many living in the slums of Kolkata are happier than many citizens of Scandinavian countries where people enjoy the highest standard of living in the world. What matters to be happy is not how much money you have, rather how much money those around you have. If everyone has a more or less equal amount of money, they’re more likely to be happy. It was also revealed that people are willing to forego money for a fancier title. So having an important sounding title can make people agree to a slightly lower salary. Of course, a positive work environment and getting along well with peers contribute a great deal to being happy at work as well. Being appreciated at work also leads people to feel happier at work.”

The Right Approach

To have the right approach to either success or failure is a main point in promoting happiness at workplace. If you have the right approach to work, you will neither be over confident of your success nor will you be too bogged down by failure, and that will help you ace your work.

Shiv Rajvanshi adds, “Gloomy employees have a negative approach that can affect their work and job performance and creativity. On the other hand, happy employees have a positive can-do attitude that allows them to succeed.”

Finally, for some happiness at work would mean some specific thing. But for others, it may not lead to happiness at all. So, it’s a very relative and subjective matter, which varies from person to person.

“Happiness is the most neccessary ingredient in any job” Yashi says
“Happiness is the most neccessary ingredient in any job” Yashi says

Co-Founder at Bihar Bytes, Yashi Malviya says, “Some people are happy working under pressure. Some can’t work properly in pressure. Handling the pressure properly is the key to happiness. Pressure should lead to productivity. For some an early office schedule could work. For some there should be an absolute flexibility in the time of work as they are not an early morning person.”

So, even though money matters, happiness matters more. Just as Rajvanshi points out, “Success is working for your own betterment. Happiness is working for others.”