We all have good and bad days at work. Sometimes we feel motivated to achieve our targets, and sometimes, we can’t accomplish even simple tasks. But there is a way to ensure that you end your day feeling successful.

An attitude of gratitude

Being thankful for the support your received throughout the day will help you to feel positive. A study by University of California found that people who regularly wrote down what they were grateful for were more optimistic and cheerful than those who didn’t.Expressing gratitude daily is a simple, quick practice that has a massive impact.

Being thankful at work will also help you develop a good rapport, and positive networking at work. With a positive ambience, you can come away from your desk with optimism.

Avoid multitasking too much

You might feel that completing many tasks might make you feel batter. But switching between tasks, and trying to do it all is not a good way to achieve satisfaction. Avoiding distraction and concentration on one task at a time will give you a feeling of accomplishment.

EOD ritual

Having a daily ritual to end your day at work will make you feel successful every day. The author Eric Barker teaches the importance of having a “shutdown ritual” in which you take the time to close out the day’s business and prepare for tomorrow. His research found that the simple act of writing down the things you need to take care of the next day can settle your brain and help you relax.

These success habits will help you feel successful and accomplished at the end of a good day at work.

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