The presence or absence of light can have a huge impact on your sleep, and this is especially critical when you are traveling. Whether you are trying to catch a proper nap in an early morning business flight, or whether you are trying to sleep in hotels where the curtains are not good enough to block out light the way you need, a sleep mask can be your best friend.

Do you know there’s a right and a not-right sleep mask for you?

If you thought all sleep masks are the same type, then you are not alone. In fact, with so many types of sleep masks available out there, it is possible to get confused and not know which one to go for. So before you start packing for your trip, here’s how you can select a sleep mask that will work best for you and suit your needs.

If you want to block out all lights while sleeping, get this

For these types of masks, you need something that will fit your face in the best possible way and keep all light out. Look for a sleep mask that has a design that will adjust to the face shape and also uses fabric that has the highest light blocking capacity. Some even have additional side flaps that can extend the area that is covered and block out more light.

For your in-flight sleep

You’ll want something that will block out light and feel smooth on your face, especially because you don’t want to have itchy skin when you’re out traveling and when you can’t spend too much time taking care of your skin otherwise. Lightweight materials make it easier to pack and carry even in your pocket, and multi-layers will block out the light.

If you sleep on your side, this is what you need

If you sleep on your side, a cotton mask will work better than a silk one

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The sleep masks meant for side sleepers will stay in place even when you keep turning to your side. They have comfortable cotton liners that will not irritate your skin or dig into the skin.

In addition to giving you better sleep, they will also reduce puffy and swollen eyes and appearance of dark circles, making it a must-have for all your travel times.

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