Whether you got a kink for places you see on Bollywood movies? or you are someone who travels often? Here’s a list of homestays to stay with the locals, sip into the culture and try the home-cooked cuisine and showoff some filmy selfies.  Here are our five cozy homestays picks.

1.Uber rooms in Katrain, Manali

All ramblers are inspired by Ranbeer Kapoor’s character in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. This homestay is the same place where Ranbeer, Deepika and their group of friends stay before embarking on their eventful trek. The cozy rooms, amazing view of the Beas river and some movie magic, this is the homestay to head to if you plan a trip to Kullu Manali.


2.Homestays in Aru Valley, Jammu

The movie Highway showcased an unusual road trip of an abductor and abductee, where the dynamics of their relationship change on the journey. The crew stayed at a beautiful cottage in Aru Valley in Jammu. Tucked amidst the mountains, the cottages here exemplify the Kashmiri architecture and tapestry. The place has easy access to hikes in the surrounding meadows and rafting and kayaking in the river nearby.


3.Homestays in Uppar Icha, Kalimpong

Vidya Balan mersmerised the audiences with her lead in Kahaani 2, and was in turn taken by the local magic at Kalimpong. Close to Darjeeling, this idyllic colonial town sits on a ridge overlooking the Teesta river. Homestays here in Kalimpong afford a chance to immerse yourself in the mythical culture and amazing cuisine of the local folks.


 4.Le Bougainvillea in Goa

A renaissance colonial cottage in the obscure village of Salvador du Mundo, was also a part of the Portuguese club, and served as the backdrop of Shahrukh Khan’s meeting as a counselor to Alia Bhat in Dear Zindagi. The villa allows a feel-at –home ambience and is just a short ride away from Anjuna beach and night market. This is a must visit on your next Goa trip.

5.Home stays in Solan

The talented writer, director and producer Kiran Rao stayed in a home stay in Solan, in Himachal Pradesh on a private vacation. Homestays in the town offer a perfect balance of aesthetics and luxury, and are perfect if you have been planning on a getaway since some time. Visit this place for some authentic Pahadi food and culture.

If you want a mix of glamour with local culture, then these homestays are the perfect escape from congested cities and mundane routine.

Know of other popular homestays in India? Share your comments below.


(Image credits, pixabay, wordpress, kinkylittleboots, giphy, himachalholiday, flixster)