Prolonged droughts. Unpredictable storms. Declining number of polar bears. You definitely had your heads in the ground if you did not know that these are the consequences of climate change.

A rapidly heating world has a huge number of impacts, which are both large and small. While media and endless articles focus on the only ones that you keep on hearing practically everywhere, we might have something interesting for you.

Here are three implications of climate change that you must never have heard of, or may find them relatively unheard-

Bad, Really Bad Allergies!

Allergies are anyway bad. Just imagine what worse allergies would do.
Allergies are anyway bad. Just imagine what worse allergies would do.

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Numerous studies and reports have claimed that the rapid climate change we are going through is the perfect place for weeds to grow. With warm seasons staying longer than the span nature permits them, weeds and their pollen will definitely find such places a great breeding ground.

Cities already have a higher temperature as compared to the countryside areas, and it does not leave too much for guessing about how fast these weeds can spread in the urban areas.

Increased Diarrhoea

Diarrhoea truly is one of the most underrated diseases of all time on the planet. Every year, millions of people get affected by it, even leading to countless deaths. The worst is that it is the infants who face the brunt of this disease faster.

There are countries in the world that do not have access to even safe, clean water. These countries witness a spike in the growth of E.Coli, the bacteria that is responsible for this lethal disease. With every recorded degree of temperature that increased, E.Coli growth increases by an alarming eight percent. Yes, it’s eight percent!

Lesser Belgian Beers (Now, What!??)

Look at this beautiful picture. Won't you miss this?
Look at this beautiful picture. Won’t you miss this?

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People who are beer nerds do not need to be told twice about how good, the complex Belgian beers taste. The complex nuances are there for the most refined of beer drinkers, making it a divine experience for them. Tell you what, you will have the liberty to great beers pretty less, real soon!

Some of the best beers around the world are fermented naturally, which means that they need specific climatic conditions for the microorganisms to do their work. This delicate brewing tradition is now threatened by climate change.

Climate change is not going to be a win-win situation in any case. It will bring destruction that is not confined to reports, but is already becoming visible for all of us to see.