One should be aware of what we are suffering from and why so. Indirectly, we mean to say, remove the cause of the sufferings. Awareness amongst people with respect to Homeopathy is increasing and so is the way to healing, becoming free of side effects.

Constipation – difficulty in passing stools is a common digestive problem many of us face. Various reasons are ascertained to the problem of constipation, of which if taken care of, can help us resolve the problem.

Common causes of Constipation include

  • Low fiber diet.
  • Less physical Activity.
  • Low intake of water.
  • Stress, anxiety, Fear in children.
  • Associated Diseases that cause Constipation.
  • Excess use of laxatives, medicines, junk food.
  • Pregnancy, Old age or change in routine.

Constipation if related to the psychological factor has a relation with our emotions and expressions. A person who doesn’t express his emotions has a possibility to suffer from constipation due to the holding capacity of the emotions, which indirectly has an impact upon the body and can be seen in many other complaints, one being constipation.

Common symptoms a patient has in constipation

  • Bloating/Fullness of abdomen.
  • Pain in stomach.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Difficulty in passing stool.
  • Hard stool that requires straining.

Depending upon the characteristic symptoms of the patient, we can prescribe homeopathic medicine to the patient as we deal with individualization. So matching the symptom with that of the remedy and following symptom similarity we can give the best suitable remedy and help in treating constipation with Homeopathy.

Dietary modulations to help, getting relief from the problem of Constipation includes few tips like

  • Ample amount of water (3 to 4 litres of water a day)
  • Eat food having fiber like Oats, legumes, Fruits like apple, oranges, vegetable Carrot.
  • In extreme cases you can prefer laxatives.
  • Homeopathy medicines that help to relieve the complaints.
Leafy vegetables, carrots in diet can help you improve the bowels movement.

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Homeopathy and relief with few medicines depending upon the cause

  • Bryonia Alba: Used in constipation when alcohol is one of the causes, Due to less intake of water patient may suffer from hard and scanty stools that cause burning at the anus. In children the cause being fright, suppressed anger leading to difficult passage of stools.
  • Calcarea carbonicum: Useful in Children for constipation, worm problems due to eating indigestible food and face difficulty in passing hard stool.
  • Cascarilla: Constipation with hard and lumpy stools, associated with backache and pain in the rectum
  • Graphites: Stools that is hard and knotty with difficulty to pass. Complaints of worms that cause itching in anus with burning sensation.
  • Nux Vomica: Complaints of Constipation that arise after having excess of alcohol, meat. Obstinate constipation, often as from inactivity or obstruction of intestines can be relieved with this medicine.
Homeopathy can cure constipation if treated with proper medication.

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Apart from these, we have medicines like Alumina, Natrum Muriaticum, Silicea, Podophyllum, and many more. Depending upon the cause and characteristic symptoms we can prescribe Homeopathy medicines for Constipation.

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