Kaam Bhaari has released a new track via IncInk, that’s called ‘Mohabbat,’ and which has the rapper taking the romantic route for the first time. It’s not a dreamy affair though, as it’s more of a confessional than an all-out romantic song. He explains that he wrote the track only because he can’t express his love for someone verbally. RĀKHIS and NUKA have produced this new song.

‘Mohabbat’ lets the rap take precedence over the music. The slow beats provide a brilliantly contrasting background for the quick-fire delivery of Kaam Bhaari. “Mohabbat karte tumse,” Kaam Bhaari confesses several times in the chorus. The opening lines, however, are more interesting – “Na roka kisine kisiko yahan pe. Bass toka jo tune tha mujhko wahan pe. Galti se galtiyan banne lagi thi. Hum dhalne lage, jaise kale woh badal.”

But the killer line comes in the second verse. Kaam Bhaari’s oft-proven lyrical brilliance is visible glaringly in the line, “Azaad panchi hun, udna jo chahun, toh marna bhi chaahun main girke zameen par. Mohabbat karte tumse, hum par yakeen kar.”

Music label IncInk was launched by Ranveer Singh back in March this year along with close friend, Navzar Eranee. Some of the artists apart from Kaam Bhaari, who were singed onto this label were Spitfire and Slow Cheetah. The first song released under it was a Kaam Bhaari number called ‘Zeher,’ which was accompanied by an intriguing music video featuring a Ranveer Singh cameo.

Prior to ‘Mohabbat,’ Kaam Bhaari’s last release had come one month ago, in the form of ‘Ganpati Ala Re.’ This Marathi track has him rapping about the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi.