Have you ever been scolded by your parents for drawing on your home’s walls? If yes, then like many others you too have used that easily and publicly available canvas of your life to spill your heart out!

Originally started as a movement in the 1980s, Street Art is increasingly becoming a medium for artists for contemporary expression. However, what does street art does differently than traditional art? Here are some of the motives that we found making street art one of the most crucial movements in art history-

A Take On Social Issues

Art is most often than not, a perfect way to document what is going on in the society. It is like a catharsis for the artist who has something meaningful to say to the public. Street art, grown out of graffiti is one of the most popular forms which often takes a critical stand to the social context. In all its straightforwardness, street art is in itself a criticism to the cliché display of art in demarcated zones like the museums. Thus, it not changes the how your city looks but can also demand change!

The Main Ingredient: STREETS!

Just when you thought you cannot have a bigger canvas... well, well.
Just when you thought you cannot have a bigger canvas… well, well.

Image Credit: Unsplash.com

In times when artists have to struggle to make their work available to the oh-so-busy millennials, street art comes to rescue because it is right there in front of your eyes! You cannot pass by without greeting the coloured walls. You can encounter these while you are already on your schedule of the day- walking to the bus stand, at public restrooms, at shopping malls and much more! Sometimes it can also surprise you, awaken you to attend to the message that is conveyed by the artists while not taking too much of your time.

No Discrimination!

Street art makes us swim into the concept of “Together we create!”
Street art makes us swim into the concept of “Together we create!”

Image Credit: Movie – Taare Zameen Par

We often find museums and galleries predominantly occupied by particular sections of the society. Street art on the other hand never chooses its audience. It is often done by all and can be reached by all the people irrespective of what class or category the society sees them in. Its accessibility gives it a form of humility and ordinariness that makes it all the more beautiful.

Street art as a medium is becoming increasingly popular among the “woke Millennials” who find it courageous to pour out their message fearlessly for everyone to look at. So, let your child have one entire room and its walls for those doodles so that they can transform them into a world of their imagination. I’m sure it will help them break some “walls”.