Bollywood has always been very welcoming of newcomers and just this past year we have witnessed tons of new faces acting out their guts and this is perhaps exactly what the entertainment industry demands. They have so much to offer, the versatility of all of them as actors is staggering and profound. Ishwak Singh is one such brilliant architect turned actor. He has left no stone unturned to prove his amazing performance to the audience. He is definitely a force to reckon with and with a face like that, he naturally has grown up to be very popular with the ladies. He is a budding talent and you must look out for him!

Ishwak Singh has made his impact felt in the short roles he has played so far

Originally an architect by profession, he has always had a keen interest in the film industry. A Delhi based theatre called Asmita offered him all the possibilities of a glamourized future in the acting business and he decided to take the plunge and look where it got him! His parents were supportive of the decision and the rest, as they say, is history. Mahesh Bhatt reached out to him personally once he witnessed a play he was acting him also produced by Mahesh Bhatt himself. He has seen himself as a conventional theatre actor and attributes his acting skills to his theatre days. He starred in a Malayalam film called Mohavalayam under the guidance of TV Chandran who happens to be a national award-winning director.

He has always seen acting as his passion and deciding to be a part of this industry is perhaps the best decision he’s made. His ground-breaking roles in Tamasha, Ranjhaana and Veere Di Wedding have tickled everyone’s curiosity and left everyone wondering who this amazing actor is. He was also seen briefly playing supporting roles in movies like Tum Bin and Aligarh. He played the role of Sonam Kapoor’s prospective lover in his latest movie – Veere di Wedding. He was called mother lover in the movie but the actor is so much more than that. In Ranjhaana he played the role of one of the members of a theatre group and this also happened to be his first movie with the actress. He has definitely deployed a warm and comfortable equation with Sonam Kapoor which is all the more evident in Veere di Wedding.

His upcoming movie will be a Malayalam one called Lucknow. The movie brings unadulterated and true human emotions out in the fore and has very little to do with the unrealistic gloss of life in general. It may also be made in Tamil and Sinhalese reportedly. His co-star will be Piumi Hansamali, a popular Sri Lankan model. He has expressed his earnest desire to perform for a web series because it is the new thing at the moment but he however never fails to express his heartfelt gratitude to theatre and hasn’t yet lost touch with it. Kudos Ishwak. We love you.