We all enjoy roasting the people we love. In fact, most of the time a group of friends laughing means someone’s getting roasted. Even in a romantic relationship, partners are often found making fun of each other and enjoying it thoroughly. The surprising fact is that everybody loves doing it. The person being made fun of is also perfectly fine with it. In fact, this behaviour has on numerous occasions been demonstrated by several comic artists and comedy groups.

But, why? Why really? Why is it that we love roasting so much?

You Only Roast The People You Love

There is a reason why you like roasting only those you love. The reason is an answer in itself.
There is a reason why you like roasting only those you love. The reason is an answer in itself.

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This is the important distinction. We, as people, do not like going up to a stranger and humiliating them with a personal joke. We neither like doing that nor do we endorse such behaviour. We only do it with people with love. This distinction is important to understand the intent. We indulge in roast only out of genuine affection. It is because we know that we have such a place in our loved one’s heart that they can stand our personal joke on them. Thus, it is all about having fun with someone you love and admire. In fact in romantic relationships, roasting essentially means you enjoy and admire each other’s honest quirks and flaws. Then also, such roasting sessions intermittently develop a deeper connection between those indulging in it because you essentially make a happy memory of and with each other.

To Keep A Check On Your Relationship

Relationships, romantic or not, have its own path and ups and downs. We all develop a tool that functions to monitor the friendship/relationship or keep a check on it. You will be surprised to know this, but roast can act as that tool. This explains why we are so inclined towards it. When your friend or your partner shows the willingness and tolerance to take your joke and laugh with you on it, they reconfirm your bond. Then, this can also work as a calculator. You tend to see who can take what degrees of your roasting and accordingly judge your friendships.

The roast is also sometimes used to show your friend “their place”. It is quite possible that one of your friends becomes extremely successful and starts behaving like it. Well, roasting can be very instrumental in reminding them that they are still your ‘chintu’, ‘pappu’, ‘kammo’ or what not.

All In The Name Of Good Fun

The intent behind the roast makes all the difference.
The intent behind the roast makes all the difference.

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The purpose behind you making fun of somebody matters a lot. It is very significant that you are doing it in the name of good fun only. It is crucial for you to ensure that your humour meshes with the person you are trying to roast. If they cannot relate to your humour, your joke might end up being offensive or hurting even. Then, it becomes a vicious cycle because your joke will command a response from them that would this time NOT be in the name of good fun. The bottom-line is to be sensitive, not roast anybody with the intent of humiliating them, and to ensure they can take your joke. You are all set of these things are taken care of.

Now that you even know why you like it, HAPPY roasting you all!