When I say Chai, I don’t just mean that drink with which we start our days. No. It is just so much more than that. Chai is like the symbol of “Life goes on” and I have no logical explanation as to why but it just is. Chai also means to stay awake and work hard. Well, this one has a logical explanation and we all know what it is. But, the bottom-line is that Chai means a lot to us. It is our rhythm of life. It is our way of saying “What’s up” to life, every day! It is our sign of unbreakable bonds. And the list goes on and on.

Chai Is Family, Chai Is Friends

Chai is where conversations begin and never end.
Chai is where conversations begin and never end.

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I can only speak for myself here but the morning tea with my family is the highlight of my day, every day. And then, the follow up cups with friends or colleagues during the day are what keeps us up. I don’t just mean it literally, it keeps us up from drowsiness of course but I also mean metaphorically. It keeps us up in life in high spirits, happiness, positive thoughts, and small joys. Family and friends keep your life together for you, directly or indirectly. And Chai, Chai keeps YOU together with your family and friends. Now you know what Chai means to us, the Chai-suckers?

Chai Is A Lesson

Everyone, irrespective of their gender or societal position or role in the family, learns how to make tea. I mean, they have to! So, Chai is a lesson in equality. Once you have learnt how to make Chai, you cannot instantly perfect the art. Nope. You will have to indulge yourself again and again into it to make that perfect shade and taste of Chai. It is worth the time and efforts! And just like that, Chai is a lesson of patience and practice. When a crowd gathers at the most popular Chai “Tapri” or place in your town, you are all Chai-lovers there with no other allegiance or categorization. Yet again, Chai is a lesson in unity. And most importantly, when I make Chai for my girlfriend who just came back from work on a chilly rainy evening, Chai is a lesson of love and care.

Chai is Everything

Also, you can HAVE CHAI with everything. Samosa, Paratha, Biscuits, and what not!!
Also, you can HAVE CHAI with everything. Samosa, Paratha, Biscuits, and what not!!

Image Credit: eater.com

Feeling sleepy but go to work? Have Chai. Headache? Have Chai. You have to discuss something important with your friend? Discuss it while having Chai. Caught cold? Have Chai. You just have 2 minutes and then you have to rush to office. Have Chai and leave. Guests at home? Have Chai with them. Netflix and Chill? Chill is Chai. The list goes on and on and on and Chai.

You get it, right? What Chai means to us cannot simply be described. You can call it overrated all you want. You can call it hyped all you want. But nothing can change what Chai means to us. And it always will. Just as long as it’s served HOT!