Our relationships hold a very important and a very powerful place in our lives. Our relationship can directly influence the single-most important aspect of our lives- our health. It is a proven fact that toxic relationships can be very bad for your mental as well as physical health. At the same time, good relationships can be exceptionally nurturing for your health. Let us discuss few specific points on how our relationships and our health our connected.

Sleep – The Direct Detriment Of Relationships Gone South

A bad fight with your partner and bam! there goes your sleep for the night.
A bad fight with your partner and bam! there goes your sleep for the night.

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Lack of sleep is a very common symptom amongst people who are going through what we call “relationship problems”. This establishes a direct connection between sleep and relationships. Sleep can have direct consequences on your health. People in happy relationships sleep soundly like a child and so do their partners. Happy relationships are thus resulting into a good sleep and which in turn results into a healthy lifestyle.

Weight Gain

This might come out as a surprise but ask somebody who has gone through it. Weight gain is understandably linked to stress and sadness. Strained and unhappy relationships can put you under intense pressure. This pressure can make you turn to comfort food that is high in fats and is less healthy. Binge eating is a disorder that is often associated with stress and depression. In fact, stress-eating is also a known problem faced by many individuals.

The Two-Way Street

You partner’s well-being can directly impact yours.
You partner’s well-being can directly impact yours.

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Partners in a relationship are often found facing similar health problems. In order for your partner to be healthy, you might have to be healthy as well. It is two-way street. Since you and your partner spend considerable amount of time together, it is possible that you indulge in similar eating/exercising/lifestyle habits. Apart from that, partners can also have direct impact on each other.

It is also noticed that as and when your relationship problems start getting solved, your health tends to improve as well. The quality of your relationship plays a very crucial role in how you respond to your health issues and thus, there is direct impact of it can be seen on your health and well-being.

So, maybe all you have to do to stay healthy is STAY IN LOVE 😉