The concept and system of family has undergone a drastic change over the years in response to the development in education, industrialization, and urbanization. A sample of this change: Nuclear families while not an Indian tradition have gained traction. More women have entered the workforce, unfortunately, their ambitions are short-lived once married. The marriage factor doesn’t affect the working man, a progressive lot are happy to support their more successful spouse. The percentage of single mothers has increased, corresponding to the rise in divorces in the country but there are also happy, unmarried single mothers. Couples are also re-defining parenting in today’s time. In this series, Megha Mawandia, parent coach and counsellor, shares stories of families who have broken traditional ideas we have grown up with.

Megha is a trained parent counsellor (Hand in Hand USA), a social worker (Tata Institute of Social Sciences), and a narrative therapist (Ummeed Child Development Centre). Learn more at Triyoke.