Next Billion Innovations, Strategies to Serve New Internet Users

Only 17% of India was online in 2015. Cut to January 2021, and that number has scaled to include 45% of our population, with a staggering 624m Indians accessing the internet, today, thanks to cheaper smartphones and data plans. And, this change is not limited to India alone. Across the globe, in countries as far flung as Namibia, and Indonesia, Mexico and Brazil, the Next Billion Users are accessing the internet, for the very first time.

  • Who are the people who make up the NBU monolith?

  • What do these new users want and need?

  • How can businesses create services and products that cater to a generation of customers who navigate the world in fundamentally different ways?

  • What are myths and cognitive biases that impede innovation in these contexts?

  • What are best practices when it comes to user research, prototyping, and devising go-to-market strategies to suit this segment, across geographies?

  • What role does localization play?

Find answers to all these questions and more — on the #NextBillionInnovations podcast where we showcase strategies to serve new Internet users.

Join product strategy coach and consultant Shrinath V. as he speaks to successful entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and experts driving the change in this domain. Learn from case studies, stories, and statistics that practitioners share during freewheeling conversations, as we discuss everything from micro-payments, TikTok trends, ethical AI and localization.

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