In this brand new season of beliEVE we celebrate the power of women who have broken boundaries and rewritten the script for what it means to be successful, by choosing alternative professions and championing causes to inspire the mainstream. In this season, join our host ElsaMarie D’Silva as she profiles nuclear scientists, sustainable fashion designers, gender inclusivity activists, cave divers, environmentalists, social workers and more. Tune in for candid conversations on what inspired these women to choose the path less taken, and hear from them — on their vision for an equitable future for all.

beliEVE season 2 also turns the spotlight on the stellar work by our guests which helps further UN Sustainable Goals for 2030. Our host, Elsa enjoys amplifying the voices of exceptional women and is an inspirational figure herself, having built the Safecity app, she is also the Founder & CEO of Red Dot Foundation, working to reduce gender-based violence in vulnerable communities across the globe.