Shahid Kapoor becomes a daddy one more time with the birth of his baby boy. So like most people I too checked his Instagram and Twitter accounts to see if he had posted any images of his newborn, only to find some strange posts on his accounts. I am sure like me, most of the others who checked his account this morning must have been shocked too. If you thought that probably Shahid was a little delusional with all the joy of being a father again and posted all that stuff then you absolutely got him wrong!

It wasn’t Shahid but someone else who posted those stuff. Apparently, Shahid’s Twitter and Instagram accounts were hacked on Thursday afternoon. The first posts to have been shared when Shahid’s accounts were hijacked were related to the actor’s last film Padmavat – the post criticised the portrayal of Alauddin Khilji, who was of part Turkish descent along with text in what appears to be Turkish.

This is what the hackers posted on Shahid Kapoor’s account
This is what the hackers posted on Shahid Kapoor’s account

Image Credit: Instagram

Thankfully his account has been restored now and Shahid posted on his Instagram story saying; “Hey guys, thank you for the wonderful wishes. My Instagram and Twitter had been hacked. Just got Insta back (and) my team (is) working on sorting Twitter. So please, no it’s not me and avoid any interaction.”

It is being said that the same hackers had earlier hacked the accounts of Abhishek Bachchan, Anupam Kher and other celebrities a few months ago. The day sure seems to have been an eventful one for Shahid! But now all’s well that ends well!

Team Congratulates Shahid on the new addition to his beautiful family.